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Elements of Public Digital Literacy

Duration: Application phase

Digital technologies have become an ubiquitous and immanent prerequisite of many societies and are currently beginning to evade visibility ("post-digital condition"). This project investigates how a societal awareness of these changes is constituted and how the ability to develop agency can emerge and can be fostered through education.

#LPiDW – Teachers in the Digital Change

Duration: Application phase

Duration: 2016-2021, University of Education, FHNW

The omnipresence of smartphones among young adults has led to a symbiosis of technologies, communication methods and lifestyles. Accordingly, the digital world today is characterized by a self-evident presence in all forms of life. In this four-year project, the consequences of this self-evident presence for the coming generation of teachers now entering teacher education are explored: for the future school, for teaching and especially for the didactics of the humanities.

The Humaneness of a Digital Modernity

Duration: 2014-2020
How can modernity be conceptualized when the digitalized lifeworld has undermined its cultural foundations? "Digital modernity" is not a term for a problematic status quo, but rather the term for a modernity that is redefining itself under the conditions of digitality. This project, which began in 2014, uses the term "digital modernity" to investigate whether there can be a specific form of modernity within the digitally-based lifeworld and what forms of life and consciousness could distinguish it. In this way, the project attempts to understand and articulate the conditions and perspectives of the human in the present and to identify where the borders, possibilities and losses of freedom, the otherness and hospitality lie.

Adult Education

Themes of Presentations 2019/2020

  • Digital change - challenges and educational perspectives
  • Teacher education in the digital change
  • Teachers' ICT-Beliefs and ICT-Professionalisation
  • Teaching and learning in the digital age
  • On the future of school in a digital world
  • Digital Change: Challenges and Perspectives für Waldorf Education

Consulting & School Development 2019/2020

  • Being a teacher in the digital transformation. School experience meets research
  • Development of a media concept for a social education community
  • Waldorf schools in the digital change - fields of creativity, focal points, perspectives

Curriculum Development

  • Development of the media and computer science curriculum for Steiner Schools Switzerland (2019-2020), Publication in German, French and Italian here